Saturday, 17 May 2014

Summer is here

Summer time is scorching time

Everyone wishes it was winter during summer. It is not unusual to find people wishing for the rains and then rejoicing when the mango showers comes down. This is actually harmful because it denudes the mango tree of its flowers that would otherwise have become fruits. However, in the heat, people find these showers beneficial.
Beauty is splashed all over the countryside
Time to get back to business, mangoes or not, summer will last another four to six months at least. If you are not headed for the hills ( hill stations like Ootacamund or Kodaikanal) or planning your family vacation at some exotic location, you must be busy with your work. 
Summer is the beginning of the season, it brings the sports cycle back to its starting point. Here, we have the Chennai Opens in tennis as the harbinger of the sports season. Summer time is also the time for prices of fruits and vegetables to come crashing down. You get almost anything you want from cucumbers to watermelon, mango to banana, potato and onion everything at dirt cheap prices. Summertime brings out guys and gals in their tees and shorts -- nothing better to beat the heat. You can see lovely fashion designs and summer wear designer clothes sprouting like the green grass all over the place. Cool hats and colorful headgear match these groovy clothes making everything so bright and cheery. I would not like to miss summer for anything else in the world.
So, you have only four months and then you have to go underground for the winter. I mean, you have to wrap yourself in furs and blankets and search for cozy corners. Crack this summer with some delicious nutritious drinks and healthy food items. Check out those mouthwatering dishes that you find at the local dabba and catch some lovely action at the theaters. Movies are waiting to be released, our heroes and heroines come back to the center of the action with their new stunts and makeups. It should prove to be a full summer, what do you say? 

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