Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Splitting your chores: Time management

To get the best out of your day, you need to make some basic changes to your routine. Let us see these one by one.

  1. Running the milk
  2. Clearing the bill
  3. Stopping for the flower
  4. Raising the bell
    view of life begins at home
    pic courtesy: Public Domain Pictures Picdrome
More often we miss the regular changes because we are too busy getting the money together for the electricity or the rent. To keep the list of things in the way it usually is without interfering with the time of its implementation helps one to realize which is important and what we should do.

Now of course, you have to clear the bill. This is paramount and if you delay, you will added unnecessary stress to your daily chores. Better still, arrange the bills in an order that is easy. 

House is where you are most of the time. People who are busy running around the town helping others, will never realize this aspect. To keep the house in order, one must spare a moment at least. 

Lastly, one has to keep the time ticking. This is the team aspect for which you provide the means or communicate with people of your own group so that others realize that you are doing something that they envy or want to copy. 

Time management thus begins with the basic tenet of keeping time useful and pertinent to your activity.

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