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Product Review ReaConverter Standard Edition

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Technology amazes and so one is prepared for what ReaConverter Standard Edition software will do. This versatile piece of software does wonders with the pictures. One can use it to resize and watermark their pictures, as well as to convert them to any desired formats, such as BMP, PDF, RAD and hosts of other formats. You can convert vector formats DGN, MIF, SVG and much more; pictures can be BMP, PNG, or any of the other standard versions too. You can also convert digital raw pictures in the RAF, RAW, X3F or any such format, to the one of your choosing. There is no wonder that it gets rave reviews, from professional photographers who use plenty of different formats, and need to convert them to the appropriate one before use.

Useful for Amateurs too

It is a boon for the regular non-professional also, the guy who wants to make his photographs look professional. Among the various options, the ones that would prove most useful are Auto-image editing, Effects, Adjust and Third-party Effects. It helps one to crop and rotate the picture, Twist, Mosaic, Spray and Trace the picture arrangement, get the brightness, contrast or colors set to one’s liking and use Photoshop plug-ins to create special effects. Of course, beginners will need to experiment a little before they get their eye in and get the feel of the whole thing.

Utility and reviews from users

The ReaConverter Standard Edition has a price of $49.95 compared to the Pro version that costs $99.95. It compares well with other products available on the market. It delivers what is necessary and that is what matters in the end. It is possible to use the batch converter to recreate images with different resolutions and variations for clients. This helps photograph professionals create stunning pictures and presentations without too much sweat.

Drawbacks if you Opt for Lite version

One can also upgrade to the ReaConverter Standard Edition, after initially opting for the ReaConverter Lite Edition. The Lite Edition cost only $24.95 and the upgrade will cost $25. However, in the Lite Edition supports only common image formats like TIFF, JPEG, BMP and GIF. This limits your writing capabilities. Image editing is also restricted to the basic rotate, crop, mirror, sharpness, border, brightness and contrast adjustments. For advanced editing like JPEG repair, watermark, automatic crop, one should have the Standard or the Pro version.

However, some of the distinctive features of the ReaConverter Standard Edition that make this software useful are things like built-in thumbnail creator, color transparency settings, multipage image settings, multitask conversion and customizable renaming tool. The Pro version has additional built in scheduler and Command line interface program.

Worthy investment for photographers

For making corrections and adjusting settings, a variety of tools like the Red-Eye correction and the RGB curve wizard exist. For people who are serious about photography, this is definitely an asset. As for the professionals, they seemed impressed enough. One has a 15-day free trial period. If one is spending $300 to $750 for a camera, it should be worth trying out the software that is $50.00. Good pictures do not happen one creates them.

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