Saturday, 17 May 2014

I am a dark possessed EVIL man

When I cry you see why the skies are blue
Nothing moves in the dark jungle
No one can imagine
There are things ghostly and terrifying
No not a clue
Nothing there for no one can win
Just one keeps on trying

Go away you demons ugly
go and snatch some other soul
I have nothing left you big bully
there is nothing here in my bowl

Creations of magnificent rainbows forlorn
Hang around like curtains of dust
Deeply moving currents stationary vibrations born
Get off those dim dreams I must
Cherish those moments of uncertain clarity
Those given to me through undeserved pity

until dark we wait
Go away to those demons ugly
go chat with those pitiable souls
snarling and tearing at flesh they bully

and have eyes as red as coals