Saturday, 17 May 2014

High Utility Value of the Traveller's Backpack

Evolution of the Backpack
Comfort has been the cornerstone for many innovative products. Among luggage, we see the backpack stake its claim for the top slot. When one is on the move, and has a lot of bits and pieces to carry around, a bag or suitcase is very useful. However, this means one needs to keep the hands occupied. Make the road a lovely passage and keep you hands free with backpacks.

Configurations of this item
The backpacks have a pair of loopy handles into which one may slip their arms. Canvas backpacks are particularly durable and rugged. Most of the time, these come padded for extra comfort. The bag will have two or three compartments, like slots into which, one may slip the items one needs to carry. One can carry hard articles like books, water bottles and tiffin boxes easily while the soft items such as vegetables and flowers crumple up.

People who use them

The types determine the buyer
The top choice among the travel bugs is a canvas backpack. The size of these amazing hands-free accessories may vary from the basic size about 1 cubic foot large to the ones at the upper end that are 20 cubic feet big. The big ones have bottom and side aluminum or bamboo frame support and at times, wheels too.

Executives and Students choices
Students love these bags, the swinging arms and snug feeling one has when one's books are safe is something everyone shares. So much so, even executives live with laptops in their backpacks these days. These come reinforced with a padded cushion, to help protect the laptop against shocks.

Vendor and Traveller
One will find two very different kinds of people choosing the big backpack. One is the vendor and the other is the tourist. These high utility bags help one to carry things without causing too much discomfort. Of course, this is the ideal way to keep all the big items together when the family is on a vacation. Smaller items, towels and water bottles can go into smaller bags.

Easiness of Storing
This kind of a bag is preferred for another reason too. It has a circular shape. This makes it easy to stow them into a corner either alone or even in great numbers. Since the backpacks have their loop, one can string them up easily. This way one can save a lot of floor space.

Children Backpacks 
Backpacks are ideal for carrying children. They fit well and they leave the hands free. One may pass them easily passed from person to person. If one chooses a backpack with a proper shape, one may even swing the bags from a suitable perch.

Make your Own Backpack
One can even stitch these high utility bags easily. Measure out two pieces of cloth, 1 foot wide and 1½ foot deep. Stitch them together and use a zip fastener to close the top. One can add smaller pieces in the front if one wants more space.

A sign of the times
In the evolution of man, several items have marked the milestones of progress. The backpack is one such accessory and it is marking pace with items like the laptop, having left books behind. If one were to say that it is to computers what the dress is to man, one would not be too wrong.

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