Saturday, 17 May 2014

Enjoy your Vacation on a Nickelodeon Cruise this Summer

Cruising the open seas on your vacation is a dream. Make it true for your family and kids too with Nickelodeon cruise packages. Choose the vacation trip that has activities tailored to make you and your loved ones comfortable. Unlike other cruises, here the accent is on providing the fun coefficient for the entire family. You do not have to do a thing, just wallow in the pleasure of the moment. The organizers have plenty of events that will fill your hours with excitement.

Never have there been so many exciting waves since the Nickelodeon cruise began its family entertainment packages. This became possible by the help of the Norwegian Cruise Line. This kind of fun is available on the ships Norwegian Epic and Norwegian Jewel. Kids get to breakfast with SpongeBob SquarePants or with Dora the Explorer. The Norwegian Breakaway and Norwegian Gem are the two other ships. Norwegian Getaway is offering year round cruise of the tropics starting from Miami. This Caribbean cruise lasts for seven days. This is the one way to get the feel of the ocean and to leave your land bound cares behind.

Vacation time is leisure time, the ideal time to let your hair hang down and get the wind of the open seas into your being. The entire family now experiences the Nickelodeon family-oriented fun filled activity. Parents and children team up to create themed-craft together. You meet the Nickelodeon characters and take photographs with them. This one-time activity is a Nickelodeon special meant to keep your participation in the cruise as something special.

Children get their bucketful of laughter with adventures from Dora and Diego. Every corner of the ship has action, movie premiers and live action stars. You get involved in the messy games and the thrills and laughs. Getting away has never been this thrilling and being together with the family is just the perfect setting for your vacation.

The Norwegian Breakaway offers Nickelodeon cruises from Bermuda and from Bahamas and Florida. The cruise lasts 7 days and bookings remain open until September in the first case and until April in the second. The Norwegian Epic offers similar 7-day Caribbean cruises from Miami Florida and Barcelona Spain. The Norwegian Gem offers 7-day Florida and Bahamas cruises and 9-day Eastern Caribbean Cruises, both starting from New York. You could also go on a 7-day round trip from New York to the Bahamas or take a 7-day Alaska Glacier Sawyer Cruise from Seattle Washington.

Bookings for the cruise on the Nickelodeon cruise ships are now open. Learn about the special offers on each of the ships when you get your booking done. You will find everything necessary to provide your family and you with an exceptional cruise experience. Regale in the unique interactions that fill your vacations with the sunshine and wind that will keep them in high spirits for a long time. Find out the Nickelodeon cruise package that is suited for you now. It is time you took in the sea and the waves and rode the tide. Vacations are more fun that way.