Saturday, 17 May 2014

Born on the wrong side of today

Rein broken in order done
Dream of feet in time past
As man is second to none
Is cleansed by rain at last

Steps skip first second no crime
Grow for growth comes of toil
Walk distinct loses no time
Look back to grandma Poil
Seek nourishment his face turns
No respite along the coil
everything transpires eventually

Why and what obedience
It is no cat on the fence

Another look at guile
Is absolute lack of style

It cannot be philosophy
If files be rearranged or style
You really do swing from the tree
Hear water notes for a mile

Looks of superiors shun
Pre-assignation of time
Solation or solution
Not in a game, place sublime
Though he seeks absolution
Crushes the neck commits the crime

flow takes everything along
Big cat respectful here
Rejoins after elixir

Cat rat leave town together

Cannot stand fishy weather