Friday, 30 August 2013

Choosing the Best Blender for Good Health: A Review

Top 5 Ways of Juicing Your Way to Good Taste and Great Health

Your work becomes simple when you have a great team working for you. By team, I mean your tools and implements. Efficient blenders like sharp knives are a pleasure to work with. Making juices or smoothies is one work that one repeats all summer long. Take the pick of the best blender for fruit smoothies from the list given below.

    1) Cuisinart SBC-1000
    2) Waring BB 180 NuBlend
    3) Vita-Mix 1002Vita-Prep
    4) Ninja Kitchen System Pulse
    5) Blendtec HPA-631-26 Blender
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  •   Cuisinart SBC-1000 has 900W motor. It works with hot soups and cold iced preparations with equal efficiency. We can adjust the temperature settings according to the item we are preparing. It costs $149.00.
  •     Waring BB 180 NuBlend works with cold items effectively. The power of the motor is slightly less at 555W but then so is the price. It costs only $93.99 and it has four changeable speeds.
  •      Vita-Mix 1002Vita-Prep has a capacity of 64oz. This blending station has a powerful 1500W motor. Yes, the cost is $542.99, much more than what one would pay for the average juicer. Two more varieties costing more than this are Vita-Mix Timer Drink Machine costing $569.99 and the Vita-Mix Advanced Drink Machine costing $608.99.
  •     The Ninja Kitchen System Pulse comes with a 700W motor and a 40 oz. bowl. It is suitable for frozen blending, juicing and kneading dough. It also has a slicer shredder for food processing. The cost of this brand is $79.99. There are other choices too. One could opt for the Ninja Master Prep Pro System that costs $59.99, which has one lesser bowl or the Ninja Professional Blender. This has single-serve cups too and costs $145.99. The powerful 1100W motor helps you make light work of any juicing.

    The Blendtec HPA-631-26 Blender has six speed settings for its 1560W motor. It costs $521.99. The jar capacity is 64oz./96oz.

Summer Specials for staying Fresh

Beating the heat is sometimes refreshingly tasty. Some great juice making recipes are here for you.

     a. Tangy Orange surprise
     b. Watermelon Delight
     c. Pineapple Orange Tango
     d. Lemon Freshener 

  •      Tangy Orange Surprise: Peel 2 oranges and dice it. Put in blender with 2-3 spoons of sugar (optional) and some mint leaves. Add a cup of water and blend. Adding pulpy mango improves the flavor.
  •     Watermelon Delight: Put chunks of watermelon along with grapes and ripe bananas into blender. Add 1 cup of water for every 250g of fruit, though one can have it, without any water. Sugar is optional, and so is the mint leaves.
  •      Pineapple Orange Tango: Slice pineapple and add diced oranges. Squeeze in half a lemon and add 1 or 2 spoons of honey. Blend it all together and serve.
  •       Lemon Freshener: This is the simplest to make and one of the best. Squeeze the juice of 2 lemons and blend with water. Add crushed ice and serve.

The choice of the best blender for fruit smoothies will depend on price and the capacity. Choosing a brand, which has recognition in the market is useful when you want to replace a worn out part or when you are not sure of what to buy. However, these are pricier and one will be spending money unnecessarily for the brand name when one can get a cheaper version on the market.